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Transformer Leak Repair Kit

Polywater® PowerPatch® Transformer Leak Repair permanently repairs oil and gas leaks commonly found in:

– Bushing & portal gaskets
– Bolt & nut leaks
– Welding defects
– Valve & meter connections

  • QUICK PLUGGING ACTION - A fast cure putty stops oil and SF6 gas leaks.
  • PERMANENT SEAL - A 2-part paste overcoat forms a permanent seal.
  • DURABLE - Finished seal is impervious to water, oil, and weather.
  • FAST - System can plug and seal active leaks in minutes.
  • SAVES MONEY - Faster than welding. Transformer may stay in service.
  • SIMPLE - Eliminates "bagging" or removal from field.
  • CONVENIENT - Kit contains all materials needed to fix leak while in the field.

The fast, durable repair of oil and gas leaks with PowerPatch is an economical and effective means to protect essential electrical grid assets. The repair of leaks in the field with PowerPatch reduces risks to the environment and personnel, and increases the overall performance of the electrical grid.

Leak repair with PowerPatch reduces the length and frequency of power disruptions to ensure the maximum efficiency of the grid. PowerPatch is an easy and fast way to repair leaks in transformers by following a step-by-step process. PowerPatch is successfully applied in numerous installations around the globe, in extreme climates and difficult spots.