Company Profile

Instrument Sales Corporation is a leading System Integrator and Distributor of high performance Electrical/Electronic Metering & Testing, Insulation and Earthing Material, Measuring and Recording Instruments/Systems in India based at Bhilai. The Company has initiated several developmental efforts to cover a range of Insulation Measurement, Earth Measurement, Test and Measurement (T&M) & Energy Meter products, High Voltage Measurement Solution.
The Company has Deliberately Transitioned to become a focused, Industrial Segment in areas like Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh & Nagpur. We have setup the Full Fledged office with a staff of 10 people and Myself & necessary Infrastructure to cater Industries , Government Organizations, Electronics and Electrical Manufacturing Companies, Railways, Jindal,Monnet,NTPC,NTPC-SAIL,Bhilai Steel Plant,Vedanta,LANCO,Reliance,Adani Etc?. , Electrical Contractor and Consultant Market.

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution utilities of, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa
We are specialized in offering wide range of electro-technical calibration that are used for the measurement of various categories. These services are efficiently handled by our team of qualified professionals and strive hard to deliver them timely and accurately. We ensure that these services will accomplish the need of the customer and offered at highly industrial price. The kinds of services we offer to the customers are as followings

  • On site Calibration of Instruments
  • On Site Testing of Transformer/Circuit Breaker/Relay/Motor/Generator Etc?.
  • Calibration of energy meters CTS and Relays
  • Calibration of Digital Multi Meters/Clamp Meter/Insulation Tester/Earth Tester/Digital Meter
  • Calibration of Transducers and Signal Conditioners Circuit Breakers and Relays
  • Calibration of Common Electrical Meters


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